Friday, August 12, 2011

Do T Do

****This giveaway is now closed**** 

Ok, I know its not healthy to brag but I can't help it. ;O) But, I have an Etsy shop that I opened up at the beginning of the year. And I just recently made my 200th sale! Whoo hoo! So to celebrate, on my Do T Do Facebook page I am having a giveaway on Friday. To enter, just leave a comment on my post of what flavor you would like to try in my etsy shop. The winner will be selected randomly and sent the flavor they wanted to try. How easy is that?! Fun stuff! Can't wait for this little business to grow.

P.S. Thanks Brooke for all the help you've done with my shop as well!


Briana Richardson said...

Orange is still my favorite flavor! Yummy!

4mleyneks said...

I would love to try lemon :)

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