Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Ruffle Apron

My little girl loves to follow me around!  I'm sure that some of you can relate.  If I'm folding clothes, she right there folding.  If I'm cleaning the bathroom, she makes sure that she has a rag and spray bottle.  There is no difference in the kitchen.  She loves to help me cook and clean!  And you will always find me wearing an apron!  In fact, I will even wear it driving my kids to and from their various activities!  This little girl needed an apron!

So I found some cute material that I had laying around, and starting my cutting. 

(Now these instructions are for my 2 year old.  I did a lot of  "holding up" to her to see if it would fit.  You will have to adjust accordingly to your needs.)

I started with the bottom skirt part.  I cut it about 10 inches long and 12 inches wide.  And then I curved the bottom corners.

Now on to the ruffle.  I cut about 80 inches of 3 inch wide coordinating fabric.

And then turned it into a ruffle.  Now, I didn't use the whole strip of ruffles.  I had just a little bit left over.  But you will use this for the skirt and the little ruffle on the top of the apron.

Then pin it on and sew it.  After I sewed it on, I finished it off by using a hem stitch.  I just like everything to look nice and finished.

Now, I had trouble with the ruffle laying flat.  It wanted to turn up.  So I used a simple "decorative" stitch to attach the hem to the apron and it looked cute and served the purpose of laying flat.

At this point, I added a little pocket.  I always put my cell phone in my apron's pocket and I just knew she would want a pocket for her little treasures.  I added the same "decorative" stitch, just for fun!

Now, I don't have pictures of this step, but I did the waist part.  I cut a 4 inch piece of fabric and measured it around her waist and made sure there was enough to tie a cute bow (about 50 inches).  I folded in half and ironed it and then folded the edges towards the middle and ironed it again and then sewed it.

After finishing the long waist band, sew it onto the skirt.  I also added the "decorative" stitch to the skirt just under the waistband.  It held the hem flat and looks cute!

Now on to the top part.  At this point you could leave the apron as it is, or add this top part to it.  I know that I always get my shirt messy when I cook, so I could always use the extra protection.  And my daughter will be using it when she cooks and EATS! 

I cut a piece of fabric 12 inches by 7 inches.  Measure on your child how wide you would like the top part to be.  I picked 4 inches.  So fold the fabric in half and cut from your measured part down to the corners.  It should look like this: 

Here is what it looks like unfolded:

Finish the side seams.  Add the ruffle to the top.  (I found that the top was a little too high for her, so I took off about an inch and a half from the top.)  I also added that same "decorative" stitch to attach the ruffle hem to the main part of the apron.

I did the same thing for the top ties as I did the waist band, expect I used a 3 inch piece about 40 inches.  I ironed it the same way and sewed it.  Cut it in half and sew the ties to the top.  I thought about adding Velcro to it, but I liked the way the ties looked like.

Now sew the top part to the skirt part!  Got it?  So cute and "girly".  The ruffles add the perfect touch!

The back of the skirt:

Now she's ready for the kitchen!  And looking adorable as well!


Elaine said...

This is a very cute apron. And thanks for the tutorial.

Pam said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. The apron looks so cute and comfy too. I like your fabric choice.

Danielle said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You have some really cute stuff here. I am your newest follower and would love for you to link up to my Feature Friday Link party tomorrow:>

Amanda @ The Little Giggler said...

So adorable! Awesome job!

Vanessa said...

Absolutely adorable!! I would love for you to link this up at "Do Something Crafty Friday":

Honey at 2805 said...

Adorable! Every little helper needs an apron and you are fortunate to have such a pretty little model!

I am so pleased that you linked to Potpourri Friday. Your participation certainly makes the party more successful . I appreciate you and hope you will make this one of your regular stops each week!

Ellen said...

A cute little apron for a cute little girl. You did such a good job, and she looks so happy to have a apron like mommy.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

This is adorable! I love the pink and the ruffles :) Can't wait to see what you link up on Wednesday!! :D

Shirley said...

I'm so happy I found you at Potpourri Friday. I love your apron and adore the little one wearing it. I'm now following you as I think this is going to be a fun place to visit...children are the greatest gift..
Enjoy time...

Mindie Hilton said...

Suprer cute the apron and your daughter. Thank you for sharing at Bacon Time.

Just Jaime said...

How cute!

Marie said...

So cute! My daughter would love to have her own apron to help me cook or to play in her kitchen! So glad you linked up to Show & Share! I have a giveaway going on right now would love to have you join in that also!


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

What an adorable little girl!!! And the apron is just too cute too :)

Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!

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