Monday, September 5, 2011

No-Sew Burlap Curtains

I have been wanting to make some burlap curtains for my sons room.  I have been looking for ideas online, but nothing really grabbed me.  So I decided to get down and finally make them. 
Here they are...
These curtains were super easy and took maybe 20 minutes to make.
6 yards of burlap (I doubled it up so it wouldn't be as see through)
1st Step- I wanted my curtains a little thicker, so I doubled up the fabric as you can see in the picture- so there is fabric on either side of the curtain rod.
2nd Step- I used the twine and pulled it through the burlap.  The twine will fit right in the holes of the burlap.
3rd Step- Pull the twine so it is nice a snug.
4th Step- Tie a bow and repeat until you have gone the whole length of the curtain.  I tied a bow about every 6 inches.
Final Product- I think the curtains turned out really cute for his room.  I spent a total of about $12.  You cannot beat that!


Lindsay said...

This is wonderful! You are very creative to come up with this! This is the second thing I have looked at from you blog today! Hope you'll share this as well!

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