Thursday, January 26, 2012

Throw Pillow Covers

My husband's Aunt just led me to a great discovery at Hobby Lobby. Maybe you all already know about this, but I had never seen these...Throw Pillow Covers!

They have the cutest colors and textures. Every time I stop by Hobby Lobby, I have to stop myself from walking down that isle. It's the isle by the fabric, where they sell the curtains.

Every once in a while, they go on sell for 50% off! That means I picked up these beauties for $3! Can you believe that?! I can't even sew them for that cheap?

Instead of buying new pillows, just recover them and they will look as good as new!

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Brandi Yee said...

I LOVE those throw pillow covers!! I need some for the pillows on my couch. Pillows are so expensive and this would definitely be a great way to easily spiff up a room at a lower cost. And you can switch them out from time to time as well :)

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Deidre said...

Hey Girls I love your blog ! I was wondering if you could share with a fellow blogger how you set up your posts the way you have sort of condensed? It just looks so neat and organized:) Im a Newbie and would greatly appreciate any help you could give me, Thanks Deidre~

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