Friday, February 10, 2012

JGOOD: Have you heard of them?

Have any of you heard of JGOOD?  They are an online company that sells some amazing and beautiful jewelry!

They describe themselves as a "private shopping community for designer fashion goods marketed exclusively through our members."  So what exactly does that mean?  

They market their products by using Social Rewards.  For example, if you sign up under Babblings and More (by clicking on the link below) then you get $5 to spend by becoming a member through us and once you make your first order, we get credited $10 or points to spend.  And then if you refer a friend, your friend gets $5 to spend and you get credited $10 after they make their first order for you to spend.  Make sense?  This is how they advertise their business.

Just last week, JGOOD was featured on People Magazine’s website this morning under their “Exclusive Deals” section seen here:,,20333808,00.html#21111532

The jewelry that they have is really beautiful as well.  My favorite is the Vintage Affair Collection by Brooke Hill.  I love the timeless look that they have!  You really have to check it out!  And the rings are gorgeous!

Their website is really catching on.  Their facebook page has over 22,000 likes!

Curious yet?  Click on over to their website and look around, you won't be disappointed!

JGOOD: Sign up through this link and get $5 to spend!

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