Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Singing

For those of you who have been followers for a while, you may remember our Scripture Jar.
We used it in our Primary to count the number of kids who read their Scriptures for the week.  We would tally up the number and then add that many pom poms into the jar. 

Since this is a new year, we decided to use the jar for our Singing Time.  Our kids (ages 3 to 11) in Primary are not singing to their full potential.  So I labeled the jar "Sweet Singing" and whenever they are singing amazing, we will add treats to the jar.  We decided to add Starbursts.  

Once the jar is full, we will hand out the Starbursts to the children.  
They are looking forward to fill that jar!

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Just Jaime said...

Great idea! I teach CTR 4 and we could use this to motivate our kids!

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