Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time Out For Women

This past weekend we all drove to Albuquerque to attend the Time Out for Women Conference.  We had such a great time and built many fun memories.  Our mom joined us along with our sister-in-law, Karlee.  She is so beautiful and so fun!  We missed hanging out with our other sister-in-law, Larissa, but she is getting ready to have a baby.

We stopped at this fun place to eat called Sparky's in Hatch, NM.  The food was great and the atmosphere was upbeat.

Brittany ordered a Root Bear Float that was tasty!

Brittany and Mom
The BBQ was yummy, especially on the pulled pork sandwich!

Karlee, Briana, and Bridget
When we left the restaurant, the line was out the door and the parking lot overflowing! We wanted to get a picture of us in front of the building with the Colonel from KFC, so we asked a group of military men to take our picture.  We were a little off centered, but it worked.  

Brooke joined us from Amarillo when we got to our hotel.  We wanted to go and see the Albuquerque Temple.  However, there weren't enough seats in Mom's car, so Karlee sat on the floor.  We looked like a bunch of clowns piling out of a car in the circus!

Brooke, Briana and Karlee

Brittany and Brooke

Briana, Brooke, Brittany, Karlee, Bridget, Mom

Karlee, Brittany, Brooke, Briana and Bridget

Mom, Brittany, Brooke, Briana, and Bridget

Karlee, Brooke, Bridget, Brittany and Briana
Before the Conference started, we stopped by and ate at Chick-fila.  The cow came up behind Karlee and scared her so bad!  We were all laughing so hard!

We were so excited to see and hear Jenny Oaks Baker.  She played amazing!

We heard so many speakers.  Friday night, we listened to Dean Hughes.

After the meeting on Friday night, we ran into our cousin, Julie.  We didn't even know that she was going to be there.  So we were all excited and sat with her and ate lunch with her the next day.

Hilary Weeks performed and spoke on Saturday.  She did a great job and was so fun!  She talked about thinking positive thoughts and counting them on a clicker.  She started a website trying to get to a billion clicks.  So we all bought clickers to count our positive thoughts!

We all had such a great time and would definitely go again!

Julie, Karlee, Bridget, Brittany, Mom, Brooke, and Briana

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Just Jaime said...

Looks so fun! I've been twice to Time Out for Women and have been so uplifted! Were the ladies from Our Best Bites there?

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