Friday, May 4, 2012


This was so fun to make! Homemade Flubber or it has also been called Gak. 

 All you need is Water, Elmers White Glue, Food Coloring, and Borax.
Mix in 2 separate bowls:

3/4 cup Warm Water
1 cup White Glue
2 drops of Food Coloring

1 1/2 tsp. Borax
1/2 cup Warm Water

Pour the mixtures together. Work it together with your hands or spoon. Once combined, drain off any extra water. It is the chemical reaction that actually makes the flubber. When it is a glob, work it for 2-3 minutes. Initially it feels wet but eventually dries up to the rubbery final product.



Brooke said...

I remember making this in school. :) My kids are gonna love this!

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

My son would love this! Perfect for those summer days when it's too hot to go outside.

Dany@ Tiny Tots and Polka Dots said...

This is awesome, I'm sure my kids at work are going to love it (ecspeically my boys!) Thanks for the idea! =)

Erin said...

We made this too and my kids loved it! Awesome!

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

I made this for my boys this summer, and they loved it. It is really so much fun..and kind of addicting to play with!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Now that looks like fun!

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