Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunshine Award!

We recently got nominated for the Sunshine Award be Create.Craft.Love.  Thank you SO much!  If you have never been over to Jill's blog, you definitely need to head over there and give it a visit.  She is full of adorable ideas and her blog is SUPER cute!  We LOVE her!  
Thank you Jill for nominating us!

Now the details...

The Sunshine Award is given by bloggers to bloggers.  The recipients of the Sunshine Award are "Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere."

The way the award works is this:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
Answer 10 questions about yourself.  
Select 10 of your favorite bloggers, link their blogs to your post and let them know they've been awarded the Sunshine Award!
Don't forget to copy and paste the award on your blog!

10 Questions:

Favorite Color?
Briana- Red
Brittany- Green
Bridget- Turquoise, I love natural colors.
Brooke- Pink, I just think it is really pretty!

 Favorite Animal?
Briana- Rabbits, I used to raise them when I was a kid to earn money.
Brittany- Horse, I would rather ride than walk.
Bridget- Dog, they don't talk back and they are always happy to see you.
Brooke- Baby Bunnies, they are so soft and cuddly!

 Favorite Number?
Briana- 16, that's when I got my driver's license.
Brittany- 7, that is how many is in my family.
Bridget- 19, that is the day I had my first child.
Brooke- 13, that is the day I was born.  It is lucky to me!

 Favorite Drink?
Briana- Water, it's my "go-to" drink!
Brittany- A&W Root Beer, the best root beer EVER.
Bridget- Cherry Limeade, It is so refreshing in the Arizona summer.
Brooke- Pero, I love getting a hot glass of pero and reading on the porch before my children get up!

Facebook or Twitter?
Briana- Facebook, I don't know much about Twitter yet.
Brittany- Neither, it is a big waste of time.
Bridget- Facebook, Twitter is dumb.
Brooke- Facebook, I am not familiar enough with Twitter.

Good Book or a Good Movie?
Briana- Depends on my mood...
Brittany- Good Movie, so I can fall asleep.
Bridget- Good Movie, I am a movieaholic.
Brooke-  Good Movie, with my two toddlers at home, I really don't have the time or patience to read a good book.

 My Passion?
Briana- Music, I love teaching and listening to my children practice.
Brittany- Eating, I LOVE food!
Bridget- Gardening, especially flowers.
Brooke- Fiddling, I absolutely love entertaining people and making them happy through music.  You get to see all sorts of emotions from dancing to crying.

Giving or Getting Presents?
Briana- Giving, I love watching the surprise on their faces when they open them!
Brittany- Giving
Bridget- Giving, I am not very good on the receiving end.  I like finding creative presents!
Brooke- Giving, especially to my two children.  I LOVE seeing the excitement on their faces!

 Favorite Day?

Briana- Whatever day my husband has off, it's different every week.
Brittany-  Fridays because it is the start of the weekend.
Bridget- Saturday, I get to go yard selling and spend time with my family.
Brooke- I absolutely LOVE Sundays.  We get to go to church to be uplifted and it is the only day where my husband is home!

 Favorite Flowers?
Briana- I love all flowers!
Brittany- Sweet Peas, they just smell SO good and they are pretty.
Bridget- Sunflower or Daffodil- one comes in the spring and one in summer.
Brooke- Any kid that my husband will give me, when he actually does! :)

Congratulations everyone!  I am looking forward to getting to know you all a little better!
Thank you again Jill for nominating us!


Amanda McCusker said...

I love these awards! They are so much fun and it's a great way to find new awesome blogs to read and connect with. Congrats!

Just Jaime said...

Thanks so much!! We'll have to set up a time to answer these!

Janis@All Things Beautiful said...

awwww....Thank you so much!!! I'm so thrilled that you would chose my blog! What a true honor! XOXO

Hubba said...

I know mine too thank you so much!!!! Thank you again!

Rose :: Fine Craft Guild .com said...

hey, i wanna win this award. it's right up my alley!

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