Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink Quilt

Last week I showed you the top to this quilt.
Well, I worked really hard and finished the entire quilt and I love it!  

For those of you who didn't see last week, I made this quilt from all of my daughter's receiving blankets.  I also added some pink minky fabric because I didn't have enough receiving blankets for the size of quilt that I wanted to make.  

This is a great repurpose project! 

This quilt is so incredibly soft, you would not believe!  I'm thinking that I want to sleep with this blanket every night!

I used a walking foot on my sewing machine to quilt it.  I followed the zig zag pattern, but I did not "stitch in the ditch".  I stitched in the center of the zig zags or just above or below the seams.

The binding took awhile.  I did the usual method of stitching one side to the quilt with the sewing machine and then hand stitching the other end to the other side of the quilt. 

A few years ago, I made a quilt out of my boys' receiving blankets.  That quilt is another family favorite, as I'm sure this one will be!  

This is a great way to take something precious and make it into an heirloom!


Kylie Helm said...

I am SO in love with this!! I need to learn to sew. I swear i'd be a much happier crafter if I could!!

Thrifty said...

Stunning quilt, what a beautiful idea

Sarah Beacom said...

Just dropped by to let ya know that I liked your blog so much, I nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger" award! Stop by my post at the link below to get the image and rule, and become a part of this award blog hop! Congrats :-)
Sarah B Texas

Just Jaime said...

So so pretty! Great job!

Ashley J @ MommyByDayCrafterByNight said...

This turned out so darling! I love it!! Thanks for quilting along and linking up!! xoxo, Ashley

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