Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cub Scout Badges

During the years of being a cub scout, my boys have acquired quite the collection of badges and awards.

When my twins received their Arrow of Light, which is a big award, they were presented with this banner, plaque and arrow.  The plaque says their name and the year.  The arrow represents the Arrow of Light.  And the banner hanging down from it is perfect to sew on all the badges that they earned during their cub scout years.

It took a while for me to get around to this project and I only did one of the twin's so far!  I still need to finish the other banner.

With the arrow

Here is the big tip that my mother-in-law gave me when it comes to sewing on badges: use transparent thread.  That way you don't have to try and match your thread to the color of the badge.  I have been doing it ever since!  Now I better get busy and finish the other one...

Without the arrow


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Just Jaime said...

Transparent thread is SO smart! Thanks for the great tip~!

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