Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love It Sew Much: Fall Scrappy Table Runner

Today we have Julie guest posting from Love It Sew Much .  You are all going to love this tutorial!  But first, let us learn a little about Julie...


Hi my name is Julie Snow.  I am thrilled to be guest posting here today!  I run a sewing business called "Studio Julie Snow" out of my home where I do custom clothing, sewing lessons, alterations, costumes and home decor.  I started my blog "Love It Sew Much!" almost a year ago as a showcase for my client projects and a creative outlet for me!  I also post updates on my sewing classes, showcase my students' projects, and share fun sewing projects and tutorials that I love!  Feel free to visit!

 This table runner could be a casual and pretty addition to your Fall table settings!

And if you do not want to go out and buy a bunch of yardage to make a table runner, this is perfect because it just uses a neutral base and SCRAPS!

 I got inspired by a craft I made last year!  (And this one was inspired by my friend over at Landee See Landee Do)  Fabric balls are made from skinny scrap strips of fabric - they are wrapped around a styrofoam ball and pinned into place.  So simple!  I love them!

 So I had a bunch of those strips left over ( I think I was waiting for another coupon to go buy more styrofoam balls...)  But this year I had a great idea how to use these strips in another way!

 I happened to have an approximate yard of 45" wide black fabric in my fabric storage, so I used that for my base.  I laid it out with selvages together and cut it in half along the folded edge.
You could make your table runner to any dimension you need to fit your table surface.  This is just what I had and it will fit my table pretty nicely.

 Then I took one of the halves and cut it in half.  I centered the larger piece in between the two I just cut in half.  Then I sewed them right sides together to form my long table runner base.

(So my finished table runner will be approximately 2 yards long when all sewn together.)

 Now to my strips.  These strips were simply cut along the width of the fabric in about 1" increments.  It hardly takes any yardage at all if you did want to go buy some and make scraps.  But this is what I had leftover from making fabric balls.

I cut them all exactly in half.  Because that happened to line up to my table runner base (remember I cut it in half too?)  Then they fit perfectly from edge to edge.
I lined them all up in an arrangement that I liked.  I made sure I left the center section blank so I could add centerpieces, etc.   
 Then I pinned them all into place.  One pin at the top, middle and bottom.  You could do more if you like.

 Then I rolled up one side and pinned the whole side down.  This will keep that whole section out of the way while I sew the unrolled-up-side strips down. 

 Then I just stitched all those strips down!  Yes, I left the edges raw!  It gives it a rustic cool look that I really like.  I made sure I backstitched at the beginning and the end of my strips.

(If you prefer a cleaner edge - you could turn the raw edges under and press them before you stitch them down).

 You can see on the right that I rolled my edges that were done over to the left as I went.  Keeps the bulk out of the way.  Very handy.

 When all my strips were finished getting stitched into place, I laid it on the table and cut off the ends to make it all flush with the raw base edge.  

 Now all you have to do is hem the edges of your table runner!  Turn them all under 1/4" or so.  Press in place.  Turn again the same amount.  Press.  Pin corners in place so they are nice.

 Topstitch that hem!

 Here is what the hem looks like when you are all done sewing!

Then I threw it in the washer and dryer.  This fluffed up my ragged edges and made them nice and frayed.

I trimmed off a few off the raggedy edges, but only the ones that were a little tangled.  You can decide how much you want to trim off, but go easy on it - remember it's meant to be a little frayed!

Here's how I left my edges.  Nice and a little frayed.  Now press it with your iron!  This will make it nice and crisp and pretty!

You are finished!  Now go add it to your table and accessorize it!

I just love this Fall addition to my table!

And here is the new home for my fabric balls this year!

Do you have any fabric scraps you can use?  

Thank you for joining me today here at Babblings & More!  Feel free to visit me at LoveItSewMuch!  Hope to see you there!

Thank you so much Julie!  I love the table runner!  I really need one of these on my table!  Now everyone go and check out her blog...You won't be disappointed!



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