Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Start of the Christmas Season

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

All of us sisters spent Thanksgiving in different places.  Brittany spent her week with her in-laws riding a train in Northern Arizona.  Bridget spent it with her in-laws in Vernon, AZ.  Brooke drove from Amarillo to Arizona to spend it with our parents.  I stayed home in El Paso because my husband had to work the entire week in Labor and Delivery.  Apparently, people still have babies on Thanksgiving.  :)  We all had a wonderful time though!  Hopefully we will be able to see each other during the Christmas holiday!

During the Thanksgiving break, my kids had an entire week off of school.  We kept busy doing all sorts of things.  One of them was the start of Christmas decorating. 

 My twins, age 12, put lights outside in the front yard. I love that they wanted to do it!  Everyone has a little Christmas tree in their room that they get to decorate however they want.  (Hobby Lobby after Christmas sale was perfect to pick those up.  You can't beat 90% off!)  Our family Christmas tree is still a work in progress, but I will post pictures of it later...

One of my favorite places to go is our front room.  Our Christmas tree is in there and well as our piano.  I love listening to my boys practice their piano songs and getting ready to play piano duets for our family in Arizona.  Having 5 boys taking piano lessons provides lots of music all day long.  Even my 2 little girls get their own "practicing" in.  :)

What's your favorite room to decorate for the Christmas holidays?



Babblings and More said...

So cute! I LOVE that picture above your piano! My favorite place to decorate is my fireplace mantel for Christmas!

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