Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hip 2 Thrift: DIY Peppermint Wreath

Today we have a wonderful guest on our blog!  
It is Iuliana from Hip 2 Thrift!!  
She is super talented and has an amazing blog!  You definitely need to check it out!  Today she is going to show everyone how to make a DIY Peppermint Wreath. 
 Lets get to know a little bit about herself first...


Hello awesome readers of Babblings and More. I am super excited to be guest posting here today. My name is Iuliana (read You-Lee-Ana ) and I have a tiny little corner of blog land called Hip2Thrift. As you may have gathered from the blog name...I like to thrift, or as my husband vocalizes on occasion - bring junk home. To him it's junk, but to me....a whole lot of opportunities.

When you look at old thrifted things, you can hate them for what you think they are...or love them for what they can become. I know...a little too deep when talking about thrift stores and garage sales:)

Here are just some of my popular projects that I've shared on the blog.

Today I'd like to share a very inexpensive and relatively quick project (I watched  Home Alone with the fam and finished the project before the movie was over). 

When I was posting about my fall decor and sort of apologetically explaining how I was putting up some decor from last year, a reader commented and said that decorating for holidays with things from previous years means we're creating traditions. That sounded really good to me, both because I love the idea of creating traditions with my own little family, and also because I now have a perfectly good explanation why I pull off the "so...two thousand late" card.

So, with this intro, behold my peppermint wreath. Oh how I love that it makes everything around be instantly  festive. Nothing beats a Dollar Store craft in my book.
1. I started out by piling up everything I thought would work for this wreath. The only thing I bought was the bag of star light mints from the Dollar Store.

2. I wrapped my wreath with some wide ribbon, to make it a little more even. But if you have a foam form, that would probably work even better. I was going for a cheap project and so I used what I had. Important tip: make sure you have enough ribbon BEFORE you glue your ribbon. As you can see I didn't. I decided to go ahead and make the wreath with only half of it covered with ribbon.

3. Then, I remembered I had the cutest washi tape ever, and just wrapped the rest of the wreath with that. It would've been nice to have it all covered with the tape. Oh well. Cheap, impatient and really interested in the movie I was watching with my hubs while doing this project.

I just glued the candies in no particular pattern. Put enough glue to cover the whole back of the candy, but not too much, because it will ooze out and not look pretty. I would press it down with my finger for a few seconds, to ensure proper adhesion.

4. When I finished gluing the peppermints, I went back and added a few red cake decorating beans in the spots where it looked kind of lonely empty.

5. Add some ribbon to attach it, make a cute bow and you're done! Super cute holiday wreath for $1.

Just a little tip/warning: If you're watching a movie while doing this, be careful not to burn your finger with your hot lava glue gun, like I did here.

Thank you so much for letting me be a guest here and I hope you will visit my blog and/or subscribe!


Iuliana@Hip2Thrift said...

So excited to be guest posting! Love your blog!

Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

Such a great guest post! Iuliana you are amazing!

I am also excited because I have now been introduced to this awesome blog, I love that you do it as sisters.

And....I know Brooke! Hey cute girl! I didn't know you did a blog! How fun, I am following you now!


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