Friday, January 18, 2013

Dresser Makeover using Homemade Mod Podge

One of our most viewed posts of all time is our Homemade Mod Podge.  Now this recipe isn't ideal for every crafting project, but it is a cheap and simple alternative.  

Recently, one of our readers emailed us a few pictures that she took of a dresser she redid using the Homemade Mod Podge.  

 I thought that the results were too amazing not to share, so I asked her if I could share her pictures and story with all of you.  And I was so excited when she said yes!
This is what Jennifer said:
"I found your mod podge recipe on pinterest recently.  A week later my cousin gave me a colorful and sturdy dresser for my 7 year old, self proclaimed, fashionista...because she keeps outgrowing her dresser!  She asked me to paint her dresser purple ...but I really did not have the room, or money to devote to the project.  I picked up a huge damaged paper pack at Michael's a couple months ago for a sweeeet price that would really make this dresser wild and I thought that it would be a fantastic time to try out that mod podge recipe.  So on a Monday morning after I got the kiddos on the school bus I started measuring drawers and paper and cracked out the ole calculator (I haaaaaate math).  I cut up my paper and layed it out onto the drawers, (to check my measurements....not to shabby) sanded the surface slightly and started mod podging.   I distressed the mirror using some shimmer spray in the color sunflower, that I had in my scrap-booking kit, and added some paper scraps and a light sprinkle of glitter while the mod podge was still wet.  Next I cut out some leopard print shaped and mod podged them to the top of the dresser in a swirl pattern.  My dad painted the knobs and pulls a nice golden metallic hue.  I sanded the edges of everything and this is the end result...My girlie just loves it!  In total I devoted about 8 hours to the project and spent about $10.  I also gained a new addiction to add to my growing list of crafty addictions...decoupaging!"

Here are the before and after pictures:

Didn't Jennifer do an amazing job?  Thank you so much for sharing.  
We had a reader ask if the Homemade Mod Podge can be used as fabric Mod Podge.  I haven't tried it with fabric.  So I thought that I would ask you all.  

Have any of you tried it on fabric?  And how were the results?  

Thanks!  You are all awesome!


Suzanne S. said...

The result is adorable! You ladies are so creative :) You really inspire me.

Suzanne from writtenbysuzanne

Suzanne S. said...

I tagged you to do the "you're it" tag and I would love for you to do it! :) Check it out on my blog!


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