Friday, February 15, 2013

Bliss Design Studio

We have another fabulous sponsor that we want to tell you about! Bliss Design Studio is an Interior and Graphic Design Company. 


Here is a little information about Brittany, the owner of Bliss Design Studio:

"After 6 years of interior design experience, Brittany was ready to spread her wings and create her own design venture.  After a serendipitous moment of opportunity, she moved to Dallas and created Bliss Design Studio.  She has since moved her studio to Bentonville, AR.  She offers Interior + Graphic Design services to clients around the world.  Her designs have traveled as far as Australia and she is hoping to best that soon!

Brittany is an NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design.  She has a variety of experience in: retail design, residential design, commercial design, brand development, logo design, and stationery design.

Brittany maintains a connection with the latest design trends through a variety of resources: pinterest, blogs, webinars, trade shows, continuing education seminars, and design magazines.

Brittany has an insatiable curiosity for all things design! She is inspired by the great designs of the past as well as the present. She believes that everyone can live designerly and has made that her personal mantra."

Her website is absolutely amazing!  She does Interior Design, eDesign and Graphic Design.  I love looking around her website!   It is so fun and easy to navigate around! 


Her designs are beautiful and she is so talented!  You will not be disappointed!  I secretly wish that she was my neighbor and maybe some of her decorating creativity would rub off on me.  :)



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