Friday, February 8, 2013

Smart, Blonde and Crafty

I wanted to introduce you to one of our sponsors!  Smart, Blonde and Crafty is an amazing new website, blog and magazine that we absolutely love!  The content is great and very clean and organized.


They feature different blogs and crafters.  It also divides projects into different categories.  I like how it's easy to navigate and find things. 

 And they are also offering a giveaway right now.  If you comment on their blog about what you like, or don't like about it, you will be entered to win!


Here is a little info about the ladies behind Smart, Blonde and Crafty:

"Hi there! It’s so great to meet you.

My name is Amanda and this is Kelly, my best friend, business partner and designer extraor- dinaire. Together, we own and operate a graphic, web and publication design company called Smart Blonde Creative. We’re always out looking for creative inspiration which is how we dis- covered this whole, wide world of blogging. And it’s amazing.

It all started a few months ago when we became OBSESSED with all of you creative ladies out there. We like to think that we were creative people, but all this blog stalking kicked our creativ- ity into high gear and inspired us to leave our desks and do some real-life designing, using tools and glue instead of our computers.

Reading through our favorite blogs is empowering. These women (yes, I’m talking about you) manage full time jobs, raise children, cook gourmet meals, decorate their homes and hand craft all kinds of goodies. THEN they write about it. They share their secrets with us, tell stories about the craziness that is their lives and make us laugh. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this won- derful world? We certainly do. We’ve never even met these ladies and we look up to them. We understand their hectic lives. We mentally high-five them for completing a project and give them a hug when their toddler is driving them insane. They’re our friends.

And so Smart Blonde and Crafty was born. Every two months we will bring you a roundup of all our favorite projects and the wonderful women and blogs that gave us the ideas. We’ll fol- low their tutorials and tell about our experiences. We’ll tell you which blogs to visit for the best recipes or where to go for a quick DIY holiday decoration.

Why is it called Smart Blonde and Crafty. Because. We’re blonde, we’re smart (although we still have our moments) and we’re crafty too. If you have black hair, you’re a brunette or a red head, we hope this title doesn’t discourage you. If it weren’t for these highlights, we wouldn’t be so blonde. Also, the title compliments our other ventures. Smart Blonde Creative, our graphic de- sign company and We Are Smart Blonde, our blog that follows us as we run our business, raise our children and all life’s chaos.

If you haven’t already, check out our BLOG.

And more importantly, tell us about YOU. Are you pretty crafty? Do you run a DIY/Craft/Life blog and have some creativity you want to share with us? We want to meet you. EMAIL HERE.
Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy and leave feeling inspired."

So don't delay and click on over to Smart, Blonde and Crafty and check them out! You will love what they are offering!



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