Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blessing Dress Holder

My little girls room has a Shabby Chic theme- white furniture with glass knobs, old windows etc... I have been wanting to display the dresses that they were blessed in but i didn't quite know how.

The other day I was at Hobby Lobby and found these Glass Knob hangers and thought they would be perfect! 
 So here they are...

In case you were wondering, I did not make these dresses.  But, I got this next dress from a amazing shop on Etsy called Debra Lee Originals and she is absolutely amazing!  I definitely recommend her dresses!  


Solomon Kids said...

So cute! I can't decide if I want to use mine and Shanell's dress for this baby too. Decisions decisions!!! I probably will, but I love the lace one you got!

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