Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Hanging Flower Ball

 I am throwing a Baby Shower for one of my friends on a Budget
I want to stay within $100.00.  
The color scheme was pink and yellow.  I wanted to make the decorations to save money.  
I made this adorable flower hanging ball.  I got this idea from pinterest and thought that it looked easy and cute.

I bought 3 bushels of daisies from Walmart and 6 in styrofoam ball from Hobby Lobby.

First, take the flowers off the stem. 
 Next, poke a hole in the ball where you want the flower to be.  Then, hot glue on the back of the flower and and stick it back in the hole.  Continue doing this around the ball.

To hang it, I pinned and hot glued some ribbon onto the ball.  Then I tied a loop onto the other end so I can hang it on a hook.   I am going to hang it over the table of refreshments with some paper lanterns and paper pom-poms.  
It is super cute and very easy.



Del said...

Love it! I am going to make one! Thanks for the inspiration. Good to see you posting Brittany. :)

Suzanne S. said...

Another super cute and creative idea. I really like it :) Great post!

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