Friday, March 15, 2013

Frugalista Married- Come check her out!

Have you ever visited Frugalista Married?  If not you definitely need to!  My favorite thing about Frugalista Married is how real Cece is! 
 It is all Real Life.

Let's get to know Cece and Frugalistia Married a little better...  We asked Cece to write a little something up about her blog and this is what she said,

"So, you want to find out how to get more hours in a day, loose 10 pounds and keep it off without dieting, and earn money from home in your spare time?  Well so do I!  I'd love to tell you that you can find those answers along with the secret to eternal youth on my blog but that would be false advertising and once you realize that you would leave me a mean anonymous comment and unfollow me so fast my head would spin.  What you will find is a fun and real blogger who loves being a part of the blogging community and interacting with others.  I write about life, love, the pursuit of happiness and anything else that pops into my head.   

I consider myself to be part of the "old school" generation of bloggers.  I've been at it for going on 4 years so I started before link ups, Rafflecopter, giveaways, Passion Fruit and blog sponsorships were even thought of.  In fact, this is my first sponsored post which I was lucky enough to win and I've only done 2 giveaways.  But not to worry, I plan to do more because giving something away was so much fun.  With almost four years under my belt you may wonder why I don't have 2,000 followers.  I mean, isn't my blog cute enough?  Haven't I come up with enough funny things to say?  Getting new readers does make my heart happy but that's not my motivation for blogging.  I do this because I love to write.  I always have and I have a good feeling that I always will.  Come find out if I'll ever finish that novel I've been working on for years, what reality TV shows I refuse to watch and my latest confessions.  You may not discover the the secret to making your hair look like the girls in Pantene commercials but you might find some other things you like and it might be worth the visit anyways."

Head on over to Frugalista Married and get into Cece's world.  You will not be disappointed!  You can also follow Cece on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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