Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blessing Dresses

With my last two daughters, I made blessing dresses for them.  I really enjoyed making them, especially since I had five boys first!  It is so much fun to sew for girls and I liked coming up with different designs. 

For my first daughter, I made a simple, yet dainty dress.  I added a layer of lace over the bodice to add texture.   I also added little flowers to the front and the sleeves.  When I tried the dress on her, the sleeves seemed way too big for her little arms, so I gathered them by hand.  I love the way the dress flowed at the bottom!

For my second daughter,  I wanted to try a different look.  I changed the sleeves altogether and they fit so much better.  I keep the bodice plain, but added a layer of lace at the bottom of it.  The skirt part is what sets this dress apart from the other.  I made roses out of the fabric and gathered the bottom of the skirt in various places and then attached the roses.  I think that it gave it a princess feel to the dress.

Now, since we are going to bless my third daughter sometime next month, I am dreaming and designing another dress.  I'm thinking of going for more of a vintage look.  I will definitely post pictures.  I am really excited to see the finished product...but I have to get started on it first.  :)



Strictly Sewing said...

Wow! Impressive sewing! It's not easy making that pretty of a dress. Can't wait to see the third dress.

Brooke Kenny said...

I love the dresses!! You do such a great job!!

Tiffany H. said...

These are such beautiful dresses!You are very talented

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