Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Help Needed... Chore Charts?

I need some help or advice....
I am looking into doing a Chore Chart/Allowance System for my children, but do not even know where to start.  My children are ages 4, 2 and 8 months.  
All you professional, organized mothers out there- what kind of chore charts do you use?  What sort of allowance do you give your kids?
I looked into a few chore chart and here are a few of my favorites.  
Have you tried any of these?

Briana made a Chore Chart a couple months ago with some magnets...
Would a Printable Chore Chart  be better?
I could just order some Chore Charts from Abbies House on Etsy.  They are SUPER cute.
CHORE CHART COMBINATION - Set includes Chore Chart & Create Your Own Magnet Set of 12
 Please HELP!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



M Mommy to 4 said...

I saw a 31 quarters idea on Pinterest a few days ago that I'm thinking of trying out in conjunction with a printable chore chart. Basically you put 31 quarters in a jar for each child. For every day they don't get their chores done, you take one out, and you give them to them at the end of the month, kind of an all or nothing approach, but our family tends to be an all or nothing type of family!

Anonymous said...

I have 4 kids, ages 16-22, but when they were younger, I did not use a chore chart. Rather, chores were assigned for 1 year, usually beginning in Aug or the start of our school year. I would make chore assignments appropriate for the child's age, then take time to teach them how to complete it. Then they master the task over the next weeks and months. This had 2 great resutls: I never had to wonder whose job it was to complete a task, I knew, and so did the children. Also, by doing the same job for a long time, they learned it well. After a year, the child had the option to have the job again another year, or change. As they got older, I let them chose the jobs. Some how no one ever wanted to clean the bathrooms...

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