Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EASY Toddler Bed Makeover!

We recently moved from Amarillo, TX to Mesa, AZ.
During our move my daughters bed got destroyed!  When I found this toddler bed at a yard sale I knew I had to redo it for my daughter.
This is the bed in my daughters room now!  
It definitely fits her Shabby Chic room!

This is what the bed looked like when I bought it... 
Pretty dinged up, but for $5 I couldn't resist.
We were actually lucky it made it home in one piece, because it blew out of my truck driving down the road!!

To redo the bed, I used Krylon Paint & Primer Spray Paint.  I roughly sanded the bed down and then went to town with the spray paint. 
 This bed actually used 3 cans of spray paint.  It was SUPER easy and definitely worth the $5!


Kristin said...

Looks great! It won't be long until we have to transition my 2 year old into a toddler bed. We're holding off now because she likes her crib so much (and it contains her better, lol)

Solomon Kids said...

So cute! And you always get the best deals!

Michelle Bowman said...

Welcome to AZ. I'm in the Gilbert, AZ area. Feel free to PM me on FB.
Michelle.BowmanOT at gmail

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