Monday, May 20, 2013

Giveaway: Père Music!!!

We have an absolutely amazing giveaway that we are offering you today! It's from Père Music.  And it's worth $900!  

You are going to love this concept!  I know that I did!
This is a perfect and unique keepsake to give to your baby or as a gift to another!

This is what Père Music is all about:

 Music written just for your baby


A unique keepsake

We create classical music inspired by your baby. Send us photos and videos, or just tell us about your little one's personality.

We’ll send you a short musical sketch

After just a few days, Ken will create a piece of music for violin, inspired by your little one. We’ll let you take a listen - tell us if you have a few tweaks you’d like to hear or if you love it the way it is. Once you’re happy with the sketch, Ken will finish up the rest of music.

With your approval

You'll take one last listen to the completed song (to make sure you really love it) before we create a high quality recording. Afterwards, we'll send you a link to your song and send you the music (framed and ready to hang) as well as Ken's original handwritten score to keep.

Isn't this just absolutely amazing?  I was so excited to hear about Père Music.  I love music!  I grew up playing piano and violin.  And now I have all five of my boys are in piano lessons, two of them take violin lessons, one is in cello lessons and one in viola lessons.  So this is all near and dear to my heart.  And I love that they create a song especially written for your baby. 

They created a beautiful song for my newest baby, Rosie Grace.  Here is the link:

 It is simply beautiful and delicate, just like Rosie!

Here is the framed music that they sent me:

And here is the sheet music.  I'm really looking forward to my boys playing this for Rosie during the summer months!

 Here are the wonderful people who put all this together:

We are two longtime friends and artists who recently found ourselves surrounded by the adorable babies of friends and family. We started Père Music to capture the personality of newborns through classical music. Père composes etudes for violin using descriptions, photos and videos provided by parents.

Image description


Ken is a classically-trained violinist and pianist, but enjoys working in many different genres - most recently, baby music. With nearly 20 years of music writing under his belt, Ken has a knack for storytelling through music. Check out his website here.

Image description


Cassandra is a visual artist with over 10 years of marketing and advertising experience. She’ll be your point of contact as producer and partner at Père.

Aren't Ken and Cassandra amazingly talented?
And they are so graciously offering their SONG package to one of our readers.  Here is what it includes:

A unique piece of music written for violin, inspired by your baby
A high-end recording delivered as a downloaded audio file via a custom microsite
Baby’s song as sheet music,
in a high quality, black frame
All original, handwritten notes and sheet music
Free domestic shipping

 I love the way the music looks in Rosie's room! 

You are not going to want to miss out on this!  So hurry and enter!

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Elizabeth said...

I like that they write a piece of music made just for your baby. I especially like that it's violin music because I play the violin! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

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