Thursday, May 2, 2013

Printer Ink Tip

I always wondered if paying for a XL ink cartridge would be worth the money. A regular HP 60 cartridge is around $19 and a HP 60 XL is about $34

So I put it to the test...

I took a small labeling sticker and dated it when I put the new cartridge in. Then when I was out of ink I dated it again. Almost every time the regular cartridges lasted one month exactly while the XL had about a 3 month duration. 

So is it worth the money?

Here is the breakdown...
If you buy a Regular ink cartridge for $19 x 3 months= $57
While the XL $34 lasted 3 months= $34

I think so. 

Disclaimer: Now all printer ink cost differently at different stores, and everyone uses their printer at different frequencies than others. So give it a try and see if the XL cartridges are worth your money. 

Let us know how it works for you.


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