Thursday, June 11, 2015

Entry Table and Chalkboard Makeover

My husband and I bought a home last year, in our home you walk right into a wall right when you come in the front door.  I needed a piece of furniture that was not too wide, that was cute and affordable to go in that space.  I also did not want it to be too personal with pictures of my family in case someone strange knocked on my door.

I finished this project about a year ago, but I got an email from Wood Creations Furniture that they wanted our Color Story for Red, White & Blue Projects.  They inspired me to write this up!

I spent a total of $40 on our front entry furniture plus paint. 
This is the end result....
Now, it did not look like that when I bought it...  
This is what the entry table looked like before....
It was VERY sturdy, all WOOD, great BONES, very narrow, $40 and EXACTLY what I wanted except for the color.  My decoration style is definitely Farmhouse/Shabby Style so I definitely need to paint it.  
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the Pure White.  I painted it with two light coats of paint then I heavy roughed it up with sandpaper. 
I LOVED the results!

I then needed something to go above the entry table.  I really wanted to do a family picture, but my husband didn't want everyone that came to our door to see our family. 
 So, I decided on a chalkboard.
A while back my sister, Brittany, gave me an ugly picture and frame that she was going to throw away.  I stuck it up in my attic thinking that I would eventually come up with something to do with it.  I decided to make it into the chalkboard...

I took the picture apart and painted the frame with the matching Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.  Then I used Chalkboard Paint and painted the glass for the actual chalkboard.  
You cannot even recognize it is the same piece!!!

I absolutely LOVE how my entryway looks now especially for $40!!!  The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is SUPER easy to use!



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